American International School of Zagreb Slated to Open in November

September 4, 2018 | View Project |

Središće Educational Complex, consisting of a new campus for the American International School of Zagreb (AISZ) designed by Flansburgh as well as a Croatian kindergarten and a Croatian elementary school, is expected to finish construction this October and open for occupancy in November. Flansburgh President David Croteau will travel to Zagreb to represent the Flansburgh team at the opening ceremony.

The project dated back to 2015, when the City of Zagreb initiated a public competition for the design of Središće Educational Complex. The AISZ was aware for Flansburgh's celebrated work with dozens of international schools around the world over the last decade, and brought the news to Mr. Croteau's attention. Having once worked in Zagreb as an intern, Flansburgh Associate Jenni Katajamäki contacted Croatian architecture firm Sangrad+AVP, which agreed to team up with Flansburgh and undertook to design the rest of Središće Educational Complex not occupied by the AISZ.

This partnership flourished, and produced what ultimately became the winning design. From the street, the three schools will appear similar to one another, while responding to the clean modernist aesthetic of Novi Zagreb, the communist-era neighborhood where the complex is located. From the inside, however, the Flansburgh-designed AISZ is more playful, with three courtyards punched into the superblock of the school to bring in natural light and green space into the heart of the school.