Flansburgh Staff Speak at 2018 Vectorworks Design Summit

November 16, 2018 |

During theĀ 2018 Vectorworks Design Summit that took place in Phoenix between November 4 and 6, Flansburgh's Project Architect and Technology Coordinator, Joseph Marshall, AIA, and Architect and BIM Manager, Brian Hores, AIA, presented at "Teamwork Framework." Open to design professionals from different skill levels, "Teamwork Framework" was a session aimed at introducing its attendees to the key elements of creating the file structure of templates and resources that could help streamline the design workflow.

Mr. Marshall and Mr. Hores focused their presentation on the each of the steps involved in creating a design framework tailored to a variety of project types and phases of design and documentation. Reflecting on Flansburgh's successful experience with BIM design processes across an array of different project types for a variety of different clients, they highlighted the need for implementing a file structure at initial concept and adapting it as the architectural process evolves.