Flansburgh to Develop New Master Plan for Academia Cotopaxi in Ecuador

Flansburgh is excited to begin a new campus master plan for Academia Cotopaxi, an American International School in Quito, Ecuador, this fall. The school finds great pride in its home country of Ecuador, which has a rich and varied landscape including the great Andes Mountains, tropical rainforests of the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands. The unique and varied ecosystems found throughout Ecuador will be an inspiration in the transformation of a 50-year-old campus.

Like many established schools, AC is in a period of reinvention as it adopts new programs, new technology, and new ways of teaching and learning. Together, AC and Flansburgh will develop a plan for the school’s built environment that supports and expands the student experience and its strong community spirit. The plan for the 3.5 hectare (8.8 acre) campus serving 700, PreK-12 students will focus on classroom configuration, library/learning commons space, athletic/wellness space, and an early childhood center.