Flansburgh's Work in Net-Zero Design Discussed in The Audi Magazine

November 11, 2018 | View Project |

The latest issue of The Audi Magazine provides an extensive investigation of the status quo of the most cutting-edge net-zero architectural designs in "An Energy Surplus: The Dream of constant surplus; a positive ecological balance; a self-sufficient house; living spaces with energy to spare. What appeared unimaginable just a few years ago has now become reality."

The article considers the Energy Lab Flansburgh designed for Hawai'i Preparatory Academy as a "particularly commendable" piece of net-zero architecture, as the sustainable elements of the design work together to "focus on the study of alternative energies." In comparing the Energy Lab to other net-zero buildings, the author noted that Flansburgh's use of "shading structures that act as heat regulators while supporting solar panels that generate electricity" is a salient example of the wider phenomenon of "intelligent dual-use of materials and resources" in sustainable architectural design.

You can read the full article here in the online version of The Audi Magazine.