Miss Hall's Linn Hall in The Berkshire Eagle

January 19, 2017 | View Project |

"The 18,125-square-foot Linn Hall is filled with glass, from large paneled window frames to doors, giving students, visitors and teachers alike a glimpse into the STEAM studies of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics at work, as well as the school's Horizons program for community service. For the first time, these disciplines are being taught under one roof, in a two-story structure, that curves along the campus pond which it overlooks and fills the building with natural light."

"New workforce demands, higher education and global development call for collaboration, so Linn Hall's architects (Boston's Flansburgh firm), created multiple multi-use spaces, including features like folding doors, moveable science lab tables, and ample locked storage spaces for students' works in progress. Almost every room is outfitted with modern technology, from writable walls, interactive projection software, and new laboratory equipment. The furniture itself was also selected because it's lightweight and easy to move."

-from The Berkshire Eagle, 'You can see the learning happen' in Miss Hall's new STEAM building.