Wellness Center at St John's Prep Featured in Coach & A.D. Magazine

April 27, 2018 | View Project |

Coach and Athletic Director, a national publication dedicated to promoting and supporting school sports programs, featured Flansburgh-designed Wellness Center at St John's Preparatory School (SJP) in its recent April/May 2018 issue, which focuses on athletic facilities. Coach & A.D. interviewed Mr. Jim O'Leary, SJP's athletic director, and Mr. Keith Crowley, SJP's principal and associate head of school, to better understand the significance of the new Wellness Center to the school and its positive impact on SJP's athletic programs.

When Coach & A.D. asked about the lessons learned through the Wellness Center project, Mr. O'Leary looked back and reflected on SJP's choice of Flansburgh. "It was important that the architects were familiar with us and our culture," he emphasized, "You need to do your homework, make visits and get someone who really understands what you’re looking for." 

You can read the article "Wellness Center Shapes 'Complete Athletes'" here on the online version of the April/May 2018 issue of Coach & A.D.

In a separate article that discusses SJP's new Wellness Center from a more architectural point of view, writers from Coach & A.D. seek to understand the client's post-occupancy assessment of the facility through the architect's design intentions. The article quotes Flansburgh's principal-in-charge for the SJP project, Mr. David Creteau, in addition to the school's athletic director Mr. O'Leary:

 “The Wellness Center, to us, was a microcosm of (St. John’s) Master Plan because the building addresses all of the aspects of a student’s well-being,” said David Croteau, President of Flansburgh. The new building contains fitness areas, a classroom for intellectual health, a meditation room for the spiritually well-being, and a common space to enable the social life of the students (which can double as a student gallery for the artistic aspect). . . 

“Flansburgh truly wanted to make us happy. Now we have this showcase that embodies what we really want to accomplish here (at St. John’s),” said O’Leary. “They understood who we are as a community and school and where we wanted to go. They really listened. They hit it out of the park.”

You can read the entire article "Wellness Center Creates Connections & Allows Whole-Person Education" here on Coach & A.D.'s official website.