Wellness Center Featured in Coach&AD Magazine

April 27, 2018 | View Project |

Flansburgh Architects, a Boston-based architecture firm specializing in designing spaces for schools and nonprofit organizations, had previously designed SJP’s new 74,000 square foot STEM Center that houses to school’s Math, Science and World Language programs; the success of that project led SJP to select Flansburgh to design a Wellness Center. The project interested Flansburgh because it would enrich all aspects of a student’s health and well-being.

 “The Wellness Center, to us, was a microcosm of (St. John’s) Master Plan because the building addresses all of the aspects of a student’s well-being,” said David Croteau, President of Flansburgh. The new building contains fitness areas, a classroom for intellectual health, a meditation room for the spiritually well-being, and a common space to enable the social life of the students (which can double as a student gallery for the artistic aspect).

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