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American School Foundation of Guadalajara | Campus Master Plan

Master Plan | Guadalajara, Mexico

The American School Foundation of Guadalajara (ASFG) is a co-educational day school offering an international education program for 1500 students in Nursery school through 12th grade. The campus covers 2.6 hectares (6.5 acres) on an urban site in a rapidly growing city, with developments and high rise buildings growing around it.

ASFG’s vision to be a leading educational institution led to its identifying the “Fundamental Five” spaces and issues essential to 21st Century learning.

  1. Learning Commons, Library Media Centers and Innovation Labs
  2. Performing Arts Centers
  3. Athletic Play and Wellness Facilities
  4. Security, Parking and Drop-off/Pick-up
  5. Classroom Size

Flansburgh’s study of the existing two-story campus buildings organized in linear groupings of undersized classrooms led to a Master Plan recommendation of a newly constructed facility. The facility will make better use of vertical space by placing Elementary, Middle, and High school classrooms in a 6-story courtyard building, with a one-story Early Childhood Center extending further into the site at the ground level. It would consolidate the open space creating a green oasis in an urban neighborhood. It preserves perimeter street-front properties for future use. A four-phase approach is considered, and described with phasing diagrams, a preliminary budget, and schedule.

Time Span 2015
Type International Master Plan
Client ASFG
Size 2.6 hectares (6.5 acres)
Architectural Team David Croteau, Principal-in-charge; Kelley Banks, Project Manager; Mike Banks, Designer