Project Detail

Lili'oukalani Trust | Beretania

New Building | Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Lili`uokalani Trust is a private operating foundation founded in 1909, for the benefit of orphan and destitute children with preference given to Native Hawaiian children. The Trust serves approximately 10,000 children annually through direct services and reaches thousands more through collaborations with community partners.

The trust is investing in youth centers throughout the Islands. It’s flagship center will be located at the intersection of Beretania and Hale Makai streets in downtown Honolulu. Its primary goal is to provide resources for native Hawaii youth to pursue their passions. The project incorporates a teaching kitchen and cafe, maker-spaces, a visual art studio, science labs, a music recording suite, dance studio, black box theatre and gymnasium. These spaces will allow young adults to explore entrepreneurship, the creative arts, performance arts and healthy living. The building is designed to foster connections across these disciplines so young adults interested in one area might become intrigued by another. It is the Trust’s hope that the project will become an incubator for positive change in its community.